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Phone:  540.967.9447
Fax:  549.603.2502


109 West Main Street

Louisa, VA 23093



Lunch -
11:30am - 2:30pm

5:00pm - 9:00pm

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We're Back!

It has been a long time coming and there have been many trials along the way, but we are happy to announce that the Louisa Living Room is finally back open for business!!!

We truly appreciate the help and support that you all have given us while we have gone through this process and we can't wait to see your faces back in the our dining room.

Thank you so much for your patience and support.

-Jade and Debbie of Obrigado & Floozies




We are featuring the cuisine of Greece

for July's ALL ABOARD specials.




"seriously fabulous mushroom pasta with slim twisted pasta, fresh mushrooms, artistic...but...OMG...creamy & way good! and then there was the perfectly cooked MR tenderloin...and in fact, cooked perfectly. then...the salad victory...real Italian super greens...spoiling us with pine nuts, berries & shaved parmesan. All the good stuff, even when it survives the "to go" pickup! Totally worth well!" -B. Glennon

"We were in the area, unfamiliar with the dining options. How lucky were we to find Obrigado! A beautiful little treasure right on Main Street in Louisa. Our server, Imani, was so delightful and attentive, the food could not have been better, and the atmosphere was great. Don't miss this place!" -K. G. Molzhon (5*)


"The wife and I had the pleasure of dining here this evening. The food was incredible and the atmosphere was wonderful, we are really glad we found this little nugget of Louisa. Thanks David" -S. Ayers (5*)


"This place is definitely worth checking out. Fantastic homemade fresh food and great friendly staff!" -A. D. Stagg (5*)

"I've always said it's the best restaurant within 100 miles. The food is always top quality ,fresh and made from scratch and not many restaurants do that anymore. The the lighting and atmosphere at night is perfect. You just have to come and see for yourself." -J. Major (5*)

"I enjoy going to Obrigado. It's nice to go to a local restaurant and relax with your friends, see the art, and dine. Thanks Obrigado." -R. Cline (5*)

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